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WindNest is always in motion, drawing its power from the wind and the sun, challenging conventions about our energy landscape while contributing to the public realm.

Windnest was created in collaboration with The Land Art Generator Initiative.

WindNest is a unique renewable energy installation designed as a safe and educational public amenity for visitors within the public realm. The installation demonstrates the potential for our sustainable infrastructures to be joyful contributions to creative placemaking. Walking through WindNest, visitors will experience a set of moving cloud formations overhead. An objective of WindNest is to show how renewable energy infrastructure can be seamlessly integrated into urban environments, especially those cherished places in the city that would be unlikely candidates for wind turbines or solar panels.

WindNest is an experimental urban prototype as well as a public artwork. Over the course of its design life data will be collected that will inform future Land Art Generator Initiative projects. This will include detailed energy production and performance as well as feedback from neighbors and visitors.

WindNest's energy production (two poles=four turbines + thin film) 8,000 to 14,000 kWh per year (less lighting demand and phone charging), depending on local wind conditions.

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WindNest will provide a space for a broad audience to learn about sustainabile systems and to see renewable energy in action.

Healthy Environment and a Sustainable Resource: 
Greenhouse gas emmisions reduction directly from the clean energy generated by WindNest and the objective of the project is to stimulate community support for more renewable energy production within the city.

Creative Placemaking: 
WindNest will be a iconic piece of social furniture, from which to see the moving shrouds and play of light and shadow on the ground. It will be a draw and a topic of conversation.

Economic Development: 
WindNest will bring positive attention to a city and increased foot traffic within the vicinity of the site. WindNest will be a symbol to a city’s commitment to a green economy and will contribute to the overall livability of a city.





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